David Cameron tries out new app to help government decision making


British Prime Minister David Cameron is currently testing a mobile app that can help in everyday government affairs as well as decision making. The app is being used to keep track of important data such as housing, jobs and other such information.

The new mobile app will also formulate how well the PM is doing in terms of online posts and polls; this will allow Cameron to gauge what the people think of his government on a real time basis. The app is able to provide this information by pulling data from various sources such as Twitter, Facebook and Google.

The Cabinet Office’s digital team has developed the app, which they have named Number 10 Dashboard and is being prepared to be offered to more government officials next year. The web application would be accessible from any mobile device or tablet and has a feel similar to the government’s current data website.

According to a source at Number 10, the new app is being used by the Prime Minister at the present moment, after it was presented to him personally. The source went on to say that the app is presently on the Prime Minister’s iPad and he has already provided the team some feedback on how to improve it.