Red Dawn remake disappoints audiences


After years of delays, the remake of the 1984 movie ‘Red Dawn’ has hit theaters in the US. The release of the movie was delayed due to several reasons like bankruptcy and a switch of the central villains of the film from the Chinese to North Koreans, deviating from the original movie’s Russians.

However, the new version of the 1984 movie has failed to connect fully with the audience. The new Red Dawn is a movie which is in search of some momentum. The North Korean forces which are supported by Russia have taken control of both the US coasts, while a stretch of the country lying between Michigan to Montana and Alabama to Arizona remains as a free America.

Dan Bradley has made his directorial debut with this flick, so it is no surprise that a few car chases have mighty crunch. A group of youngsters join together to operate as an insurrectionist force and are known as the Wolverines.

The Group includes Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Connor Cruise. There are a few shocking moments for the audience, but overall the movie has failed to take a particular genre. It could be about patriotism, anti-corporate anger or even revolutionary radicalism. However it is tough to put the movie into any genre and it remains unfocused. The movie does not touch on any real-world issues and would not be considered a worthy successor to the original.