Christopher Maloney to win X Factor with sympathy vote?


The makers of the reality-TV singing show X Factor want the staff and stars to stop blasting contestant Christopher Maloney, over fears that he might win the show with the help of a sympathy vote. Earlier it was reported how producer Simon Cowell was becoming paranoid that the singer would win the show and make the annual contest a laughing stock.

For weeks, insiders to the show have been giving out information about the singer, who sang on cruise ships earlier. Maloney hid his cruise ship past from the show’s judges and has been targeted for providing false information. Rylan Clark who was ditched from the show was also not happy with Maloney and allegedly wanted to blast the singer once he makes an exit from the series.

However, when asked on November 26, 2012, about how he felt about Christophery, Rylan muttered, “Chris is a great performer and has a fantastic voice. I wish him all the best.”

Rylan’s lack of interest in Christopher is well known to the shows staff and his friends as well. Sources from the production unit said that the backlash is working for Christopher, as  people continue to talk nasty things about the singer and he keeps getting sympathy votes.