UK children among the highest with type 1 diabetes in the world


According to the International Diabetes Federation roughly 24.5 children in every 100,000 aged 14 and under develop diabetes type 1. A dense diagnosis rate will create more health illness problems in the future for these children such as blindness and strokes, which is a worrying factor  for the people of UK.

type 1 diabetes

Out of the 88 countries included in the charity’s data only Finland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Norway have higher diagnosis rates for diabetes than the UK.

Diabetes UK chief executive Barbara Young said “We want to highlight the need for good quality healthcare for children with diabetes. Only 6 per cent of children with the condition are recorded as getting the eight checks suggested by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.”

Young added that they were not sure what the exact cause of the condition was and suspected that Vitamin D had a part to play, along with family history and genetics.

Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce insulin and can lead to devastating complications and early death if not managed properly. This is why children with type 1 diabetes need to set off on the right path in terms of managing their condition well from the beginning. It is a tragedy that all too often this is not happening.