Kim Kardashian’s baby shower to be recorded


American socialite Kim Kardashian has made it official that she is pregnant with Kanye West’s child. The Kardashian family is now planning a grand baby shower and will reportedly hire a videographer to tape the event.


The reality-TV star is due to give birth in the month of July 2013. According to reports, family members cannot wait to welcome the new member and have already started planning a party to celebrate. However, Kim does not wish to whole bash to be filmed for her family show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.

For now, sisters Khloe and Kourtney have come up with a new plan. According industry sources, the sisters have asked for some of Kim’s oldest friends and family to record a message which will be played at the baby shower.

A professional photographer will be called to film the whole event. Even father of the unborn child is said to be involved in the event and will fly in some of his family to attend the bash. The party is expected to take place sooner rather than later. Sister Kourtney has experienced two baby showers, as she is a mother to Mason and Penelope.