Sky broadband advertisement featuring Bruce Willis gets a ban


The Advertising Standards Authority banned a TV advertisement for Sky broadband which features the ‘Die Hard’ star Bruce Willis. The advertisement shows the famous actor complaining about the speed of his current provider, after which another character tells the star to try Sky Broadband which is totally unlimited.


Then, a voice-over says that the service is available for £7.50 per month, but onscreen text states that the deal was just for current Sky TV customers. The Advertising Standards Authority argued that the advertisement is not clear enough. The advertisement earlier states that consumers need to purchase Sky Talk, line rental and calls – which cost $14.50 per month – while Sky TV prices begin from £21.50 per month.

One of the viewers complained that the commercial was not clear and did not clarify the extent of the commitment customers had to make in order to receive the service which is advertised for £7.50.

On the other hand, Sky said that it made its pricing clear and that the average consumer will understand from the on-screen small print. However, the company also admitted that it was not a requirement to be a Sky TV customer in order to receive the broadband package.

Photo Credits: Soho Soho