Google Glass launches in UK for £1,000


Britishers all set to get Google glass.

British gadget enthusiasts can now rejoice as the much awaited Google Glass has been launched in the UK market. The device will be available for above 18 British buyers this week and can be purchased through the company’s official website. It will also be available for demonstration in London city on June 27th and 28, 2014.


The company has claimed that the device will “bring people the technology they rely upon without drawing them out of the moment.”

With this recent launch, UK will become the first country outside the U.S to have the wearable gadget.

The Glass connects to the internet after it is paired with a smartphone and displays the messages to the wearer on a small transparent screen which is positioned in a corner of the vision.

The Google Glass has been priced at £1,000 and can be worn with or without the prescription lenses. On the other hand, the search engine giant has admitted that the gadget is still a work-in-progress one and hopes that it will represent the future of computing by offering hands free operation to the users.

Head of Google Glass – Ivy Ross – said that the device is still not ready for mass production.

“It’s not ready for mass consumption or a broader audience, but we’ve learned a tremendous amount from the people – from the Explorers, – we sold to in the US on this level and we want to do the same here.” said Ross.

Photo Credits: pcadvisor