West Midlands Police in UK now on Snapchat


UK’s West Midlands Police on Snapchat for better communication with citizens.

The reach of social media today is moving far beyond its targeted youth population, the West Midlands police (WMP) force in the UK are now on Snapchat. 

More and more social networking

It has become the first force in the world to utilize the network and aims to enable locals to keep up with the activities through disappearing photo and video updates. The cops at WMP are looking forward to take advantage of  Snapchat’s popularity among youngsters by adding its own account.

Keiley Gartland, from the corporate Communications Department said, “We’ve already got a massive following online and our messages are reaching half-a-million people on a daily basis”.

Gartland added that part of this work is about connecting with younger people and helping them to feel that they have a closer connection with their local police.

Gartland added that they want the younger generation to have confidence in the police force and to be able to give a call or speak to them when they are really in need of help.

The officer added that social media is a great tool for them to do that. Sharing of crucial updates on incidents and crime prevention tips can be made possible via Snapchat. Also, it will help officials to provide teenagers with a unique insight into their work.

The Snapchat launch intends to improve communication between the police and the public.