Margaret Thatcher to feature in Royal Mail’s PM stamp collection


Accompanied by seven other great prime ministers of Britain, Margaret Thatcher to feature in Royal Mail’s PM stamp collection.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Prime Minister’s office in Britain, Royal Mail’s PM stamp collection will be launched on October 14, 2014, commemorating its greatest prime ministers. Featuring amongst the eight major figures in the country’s history is Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher.

She is accompanied by Winston Churchill, his successor Clement Attlee, labor reformer Harold Wilson, police force creator Robert Peel, four times PM William Gladstone, William Pitt the Younger, the youngest PM at age 24, and Charles Grey, who abolished slavery.

Margaret Thatcher Royal Mail's PM stamp collectionThis is the first time an entire stamp set has been dedicated to prime ministers. The collection will be released in a set of four first class and four 97p stamps, to be bought as a set or individually.

Royal Mail gets hundreds of requests annually from collectors, different organizations and the public to accommodate various subjects. Apart from honoring anniversaries, milestones or events, it also collates all received requests and researches on them to deduce the final list of stamp subjects.

Before all UK stamps go for print, the designs are approved by the Queen.

Photo Credits: Gizmodo