Israeli firm StoreDot claims 30-second smartphone charge

StoreDot_technology_30-second phone charge

Tel Aviv-based StoreDot has developed a technology that can charge a smartphone in 30 seconds.

StoreDot, an Israeli company has claimed to develop a breakthrough technology that can charge a mobile phone in 30 seconds, as well as an electric car in minutes. If made available for practical use, the technology could be metamorphic for both consumer industries.

StoreDot_technology_30-second phone charge

The Tel Aviv-based company synthesized artificial molecules using nano-technology to develop a battery that is capable of storing dense charges more quickly. The concept is based on ‘nanodots’, described as bio-organic peptide molecules, which enable a battery to rapidly absorb and retain massive amounts of power.

Currently, reports indicate that the prototype is size-incompatible for a mobile phone. However, the firm expects the final product to be available in the form of a slimmer battery by 2016. The company is also working on power cycle rounds of the technology, in order to determine an optimum number of times a battery can be re-charged in its life cycle.

StoreDot is backed by Russian billionaire and Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovich, among many others, and has so far raised $48 million from two rounds of funding, supporters of which also include a leading mobile phone manufacturer.

According to the firm, the cost of a fast-charge phone could be $100-$150 more than those available in the market now, but would also be able to handle 1,500 recharge/discharge cycles, extending its life to three years.

Similarly, the firm also stated that the same technology could be used to create a car battery that can recharge in two or three minutes.

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