Honda launches new system to warn drivers of cut in


Japanese auto giant Honda has become the first automobile company to introduce the predictive cruise control system which has the ability to foresee and automatically react to the vehicles which are cutting in the vehicle’s lane.

Honda iacc

It is known as Honda’s Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control which has a camera and a radar to sense the position of other vehicles on the road. The new system applies an algorithm to predict the likelihood of the vehicles in the neighbouring lanes that are cutting in and evaluates the relation amidst various vehicles. The new system will be launched in 2015 on all the executive level models.

Meanwhile the ACC systems maintain a speed which is selected by default to maintain a safe distance with the cars in the front. The new i-ACC system helps to warn about five seconds before any such occurrence and is also designed to react in the smoothest possible way. A mild break is applied initially and an icon will appear to warn the driver and then applies a stronger break to adapt the speed and keep a safe distance.

A spokesperson from Honda said that the new technology is a breakthrough and a good step towards the new generation of driver assistance system.

Photo Credits: crazyengineers