UK to have online voting by 2020


The Commission on Digital Democracy has released a report which says that UK might adopt a secure online voting by the year 2020. The recent news can bring a change in the voting process and is also grabbing plenty of headlines.

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So there are possibilities that instead of going to a local school to vote in person on a ballot paper, the voters can log on to an online website with the help of a secure ID verification process and place their vote. One of the major reasons to adopt the new method is the ever increasing public disinterest in participating in politics and democratic process.

Reports say that the turn-out for general elections in the UK has gone down from 83.9% in 1950 to 59.4 % in 2001. In 2010, the turn out for the general elections was 65.1%. This figure was higher than the earlier two general elections but is still low. There can be many reasons for the less turn out for the elections but some of the analysts say that the youth these days prefer to keep themselves away from such participations.

There are many youngsters who say that even if they turn 18 then they would prefer not to vote as they think that voting does not make any sense to them. Under such circumstances, online voting can be a good step so that people as well as youngsters, who are active on the internet can easily cast their vote.

Photo Credits: Yahoo