Volkswagen autonomous cars to park and charge itself


Auto giant Volkswagen will be a part of V-Charge, a project that offers intelligent autonomous cars to park and charge themselves. The project mainly focuses on autonomous parking and charging. Such a technology will allow the drivers to just arrive at a location and let the car do its work.


V-Charge, with the help of 3D maps allows a car to find out the available spaces for parking the car and it is an electric one it would locate the nearest electric charging space fitted with a charging pod. The cameras mounted would help the car to position and guide itself in to an available space.
The cameras will also help to detect other cars as well as pedestrians and can apply brakes when necessary. With the presence of cameras no GPS is required which means that the system can also work in an underground car park so that it does not have to face signal problems.
The driver in such a case has to just tell the car to park or charge itself. After the electric car is charged, it will move itself from the charging space in to a normal space and will make way for other electric vehicles.

Photo Credits: slashgear