UK post boxes to be electronically tagged to stop theft


Post boxes in the rural areas are being fitted with electronic tags so as to keep the criminals away from stealing them. There has been a practice for stealing the post boxes and sell them for £5,000 or more.

post boxes

Reports say that more than 100 of the traditional red post boxes are taken every year. People in isolated towns and villages are most at risk. The tagging move has been taken by the Royal Mail, who have said that it is a part of the national image. The gangs are reportedly targeting the boxes after four Victorians were stolen from three Norfolk villages in just one weekend in January, 2015.
A spokesperson from Royal Mail said that hi-tech equipments will be used to track boxes that go missing and added that the theft of the post boxes are rare but there are incidences that involve individuals or gangs. The spokesperson added that they also have an internal team who are looking at the equipment including forensic tags, electronic tracking and metal marking systems.
Britain has 800 different types of post boxes and the unusual ones can command £5,700 at auction. The boxes have now become even more valuable after the Royal Mail has stopped selling the old boxes in 2003.

Photo Credits: naharnet