Mobile payment service Android Pay launches in UK


Google’s Android Pay has finally been launched in the UK. The mobile payment service was earlier supposed to be out in March or April and can now work with MasterCard, Visa and Credit Cards that are linked to Bank of Scotland, Halifax, First Direct, Lloyds, M&S Bank, Nationwide Building Society and MBNA.
The ones that are not on the list includes, Standard Chartered, Santander UK and Royal Bank of Scotland. In March, Barclays had announced that it has no plans to participate in Android Pay in UK and that it would focus on its Barclaycard Android App, which will also allow its users to make countless payments.
The users in order to take advantage of the Android Pay will need a smartphone that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with NFC capabilities. The program can also store gift cards, loyalty cards and special offers. More reports have revealed that it will also integrate wither other apps like Deliveroo and YPlan and will emit the hassle of entering personal details in every order placed.
The app is also security conscious and does not send the card number with payments but opts for a virtual account number instead. When the user makes a purchase, they will receive a confirmation that shows where the transaction has happened.

Photo Credits: thecountrycaller