David Beckham’s Injury Dashes Hopes of Him Making it To His Fourth World Cup


David Beckham, the England football player and a star icon, will miss the Football World Cup as he got injured on Sunday during his match for Ac Milan. It is reported that David Beckham tore his left Achilles.

For England David has not performed well for quite some time now and arguably his career with England is kinda of over, but lot of fan still believe in what he can still contribute to the team.


Reports from the associated press say that “He will miss the World Cup for sure.”

An official statement is still yet to be made, but its almost certain that David Beckham will not be playing for the world cup due to injury

UK soccer star David, playing for AC Milan had this injury against Chievo Verona. It happened just a few minutes before the match ended, when David Beckham was running with the ball, he shifted his weight all of a sudden and put his hand down to his left heel.

David Beckham was seen in a lot of pain and one could see tears in his eyes as he went towards the sideline for medical checkup.