Tax Extension Form 2010 – IRS Form 4868 Deadline Till April 15 2010

UK Today News: Tax Extension Form 2010 – IRS Form 4868 Deadline Till April 15 2010

If you are from USA, and just incase you haven’t filed your 2009 income taxes, then you need to fill up your tax extension form 2010 by April 15 2010.


What is a Tax Extension Form? A Tax Extension Form or IRS Form 4868 as it is officially known, permits taxpayers an additional time of 6 months to fill out their 2010 returns. A point to be noted is that the IRS says that it is “not an extension of time to pay”. This means that any balance due needs to be paid at the same time you file your extension.

The 2010 Tax Extension Form should be used to file both federal and state taxes.

According to Investopedia: “An IRS form that must be submitted by individuals who wish to extend the amount of time they have to file their tax returns. IRS Form 4868 should be completed with the individual or married couple’s name(s), address, Social Security number(s), estimate of total tax liability for the year, total payments already made, remaining amount due (if any) and amount being paid (if any).”

You can fill up the Tax Extension Form 2010 here

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