Gordon Brown To Resign From The Prime Ministers Post


UK Today News: Gordon Brown To Resign From The Prime Ministers Post

Britain’s Prime Minister announced that he will be resigning from his post by September.

gorden brown

This is an opportunity for the Labour Party to be in power to form a possible coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. As he was pointing out towards breaking Britain’s deadlock for the election, he clearly stated that the Labour Party, which came second in the polls, will begin their leadership contest shortly after he resigns.

Referring to the Labour’s performance in the election, he said that, he accepts this as if it were a judgment on him. His news came in when the Conservatives, who won the election by good number of seats but couldn’t make it in the Parliament, were having talks with the Liberal Democrats.

Mr. Brown also stated that, Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, told him to begin the coalition talks with the Labour’s, so as they could form a Center-Left Alliance.

Mr. Brown also agreed by saying that, the majority of the people of Britain prefer of having a progressive coalition government. As in the House of Commons, Cameron’s center-right Conservatives had 306 seats out of the 650 falling just 20 short from the majority hold. Browns center-left earned 258 seats and the center-left Liberals had 57.

Brown now hopes that a new leader for the Labour would be elected at the party’s annual convention during September. As for the post to lead the Labour’s, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and the Education Secretary Ed Balls would be competing.