BP Live Feed Top Kill – BP’s Top Kill Temporarily Stops Oil Leak In Gulf Coast


UK Today News: BP Live Feed Top Kill – BP’s Top Kill Temporarily Stops Oil Leak In Gulf Coast

BP Live Feed Top Kill: BP is reportedly close to plugging the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the US State officials. The company has used a technique called ‘Top Kill’, which has undoubtedly helped in stabilizing the head of the well. But according to the US Coast Guard Commander, Thad Allen, the process of plugging the leaking well will take some time, and to announce it as a success would just be too early. Some reports say that the procedure has helped to temporarily plug the leak in the Gulf coast.

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BP’s Top Kill process involves using mud and cement to seal the well; they consider this as the first step to curb the leak. It’s been almost five weeks now, millions of gallons of oil have continuously spewed into the gulf, and eleven of the rig workers were still missing since then, but now presumed dead.

Admiral Allen of the US told the media, that they have already pumped in enough fluid to block the oil and gas from the well, but then the efforts considered before by BP, have failed consistently, this is something that they just cannot ignore. On the other hand, BP has not commented on their process of curbing the leak, but they are successful in stopping hydrocarbons from coming out of the well. Once their engineers have brought the pressure coming from the leak to zero, then they would finally begin the process of pumping cement into the well, completely sealing it off.

BP Live Feed Top Kill Update: Admiral Allen gave reporters an update on the progress of the Top Kill process. He said, “They’ve had some success overnight. Everybody is cautiously optimistic but there’s no reason to declare victory yet.”