Koman Coulibaly’s Call Makes USA Cost A Win Against Slovenia


UK Today News: Koman Coulibaly’s Call Makes USA Cost A Win Against Slovenia

USA Slovenia World Cup: Well Koman Coulibaly today made a very bad impression in front of the Americans. The referee made an unbelievable call during the match between the American boys and the Slovenian big shots, which cost America a third goal and a supposed win.

koman coulibaly

But one should not think that Mr. Coulibaly was in the favor of the Slovenians, he did the needful to them too. During the game he handed out four yellow cards to the team from Europe, out which three came in the span of 6 minutes.

So what ever can be said today, the morning for both the countries was rough, with dribs and falls here and there, just at the start of the game, four yellow cards and one big wrong call. This game was called unfair by some in the dressing room and then there were some who said one team out played another, at least for a draw we can say…


  1. Are you kidding me? Either Coulibaly was drunk or he’s in somebody’s pocket. He had to be hallucinating to make the call he did on that goal. And the fact that one bad call by one guy can not only decide a game but may decide whether a team will make it into the final 16 and there’s nothing anyone can do about it is the reason why soccer will continue to be a children’s game in the USA.