Father’s Day Quotes – Happy Father’s Day Poems, Quotes For Every Father Across The World

UK Today News: Father’s Day Quotes – Happy Father’s Day Poems, Quotes For Every Father Across The World

Fathers Day Quotes, Happy Fathers Day Poems: Father’s Day is a day that honors fathers and celebrates fatherhood around the world.  Father’s day is normally celebrated on the third Sunday of June across the globe, and just like Mother’s Day, it is a big celebration. We got some of the best Father’s Day quotes and Happy father’s day poems for you to share with your dad.

Father's Day

Here are some Father’s Day Quotes and Happy Father’s Day Poems:

A Little Girl Needs Daddy
A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She’ll always find him there.
Author Unknown

Fathers Can Be Solitary Mountains
Fathers can be solitary mountains,
All their love rock-like, steep, and strong.
Though warm and caring, somehow they belong
Halfway home to mothers’ bubbling fountains.
Each of us needs love that knows no quarter,
Reminding us of bonds that cross a border,
Strengthening our sense of right and wrong.
Author Unknown

“The father is always a Republican toward his son, and his mother’s always a Democrat.”
Robert Frost

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.”
George Herbert

“A wise son maketh a glad father.”
Proverbs 10:1

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