BP All Set To Test New Cap To Fix Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill


UK Today News: BP All Set To Test New Cap To Fix Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

BP on Tuesday, set off to test its new cap that would be fitted on the leaking well. This would be a very strong effort from the side of BP to seal off the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico. On the other the oil giant has now decided to sell off all the non-core assets, which would inturn help the BP generate finance to pay the $20 billion for the clean up.

oil spill

Just hours after BP had installed a new oil-siphoning system, they installed a new containment cap that weighs around 40 tons, and is bigger and tighter than the previous one. It was during the replacement of the cap, that hundreds and thousands of barrels of oil was gushed in the sea, but now after they installed the cap, they have constricted the oil flow.

The test is scheduled to last for 48 hours and during the tests, two smaller siphoning systems which includes the one brought on Monday, would be turned off. But according to the BP officials, they are still uncertain about the outcome.