Russia Claims That Nuclear Sanctions Imposed By U.S On Iran Are Unfair

UK Today News: Russia Claims That Nuclear Sanctions Imposed By U.S On Iran Are Unfair

Russia has said that the new nuclear sanctions set by the European Union is unacceptable and unfair, as it gives international powers the liberty to rein in Iran’s nuclear development. The European Union set a new set of sanctions on Iran’s foreign trade, banking and the energy sector.


Pic: Reuters

Reports say that one of Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson stated that ‘this is deeply regrettable’ but he continued that they would go ahead in their nuclear enrichment program. The set of sanctions go ahead of the sanctions kept forth by the UN on the 9th of June. One of the sanctions states to avoid dealing with Iranian banks and financial institutions and also to prevent from investing in Teheran’s oil industry.

Russia had supported the sanctions placed by the UN on Iran, but does not agree on the sanctions which have been placed on it by US and the UN. Russia stated that the use of sanctions outside the scope of the UN regulations is clearly unacceptable. Iran on the other hand stated that the nuclear enrichment program is clearly for peaceful purposes and not for the development of any nuclear weapon, as accused by the western countries.

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