Wyclef Jean Disqualified As Presidential Candidate For Haiti


UK Today News: Wyclef Jean Disqualified As Presidential Candidate For Haiti

The Haitian singer, Wyclef Jean has been taken off the list of Presidential candidates. Reports say that the electoral council did not even find a need to give any kind of explanation for their act.

(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Reports state that Richardson Dumel, the Spokesperson for the Electoral Council, read the list of the eligible candidates and the non eligible candidates to the media. The eligible Presidents’ list has 19 names and the other list has 15 names that include the name of the singer.

According to Jean, his application for the most prestigious post has been rejected because he did not live in Haiti for five consecutive years before the upcoming elections that are scheduled to take place on November 28, 2010. Since he was to stand for the Haitian constituency, it was one of the requirements for the elections. Jean is a regular visitor of his home town Haiti, but is based in New Jersey. He left Haiti long back, when he was just a child.