Video Of Trapped Chile Miners Shows Life 2,300ft Below The Earth


UK Today News: Video Of Trapped Chile Miners Shows Life 2,300ft Below The Earth

The thirty-three miners trapped in San Jose Mine in Chile are reportedly making a lot of effort to pass their time with enthusiasm. The latest video of the Chile miners portrays the men in a hopeful and jovial mood 2,300ft below the ground. The video showed them singing the national anthem of Chile.

Mine in Chile

Photo Credit: AFP

Reports state that since proper communication with the miners is practically impossible at this stage, the authorities have managed to drop a camera through a drilled hole, to capture the status of the miners. The Health Minister of Chile, Jaime Manalich, said that the trapped miners are ‘reasonably’ in a healthy condition.

One of the miners, in order to convey message on everyone’s behalf said (on the camera), “We’ve organized everything really well down here. This is where we entertain ourselves, where we have meeting every day, where we make plans. This is where we pray.”

The miners have been trapped since August 5 and have to wait for four months more to come out of the trap. They are receiving food supplies as well as anti-depressants.

Here is the video of the Chile miners. (Courtesy: Associated Press’ Youtube channel)


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