Glenn Shadix Dead – Beetlejuice Actor Dies At Age 58


UK Today News: Glenn Shadix Dead – Beetlejuice Actor Dies At Age 58

Actor Glenn Shadix died at his Birmingham home on Tuesday, September 7, 2010, according to his Manager, Juliet Green, who confirmed the news. As of now, the cause of the death is not known, but since a few days he was on wheelchair, after falling in the kitchen. He was 58.


Shadix is best remembered for his role in ‘Beetlejuice’ as the interior designer Otho. The film was directed by Burton. The actor got the opportunity to work with the eminent director in two more films.

The posting on Shadix’s official website reads, “It is with great sadness and pain that the family of William G ‘Glenn Shadix’ Scott announces his passing this morning. A memorial service will be held at Lakeside Baptist Church, Birmingham, on Saturday, September 11th”.

Shadix was successful in his television career and was a regular face in ‘Seinfeld’. He even had dubbed for an animated film called ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.