Google Chrome 8 released – Browser equipped with built-in PDF viewer


Google, after helping Adobe by indexing it’s content through its search engines, has taken a step ahead by releasing its latest browser Chrome 8 on Thursday. The browser enables any PDF link to open directly in Chrome itself.

Reports state that the PDF reader feature comes with protection against possible threats, which will help the personal computer with security issues. A Chrome team member, Jason Kersey, in his blog posted yesterday, specified that Chrome has made around 800 improvements, which include 12 security fixes.

However, Adobe is also trying it’s level best to improvise without the support of Chrome. Google has released Chrome 8 just six weeks after Chrome 7 was released.

“For initial testing, the sandboxing code currently supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. There are plans to make this available for all OS platforms once we are further along in testing and development,” Adobe Flash team member Peleus Uhley said.

With Chrome 8 kicking already, Google is already planning for Chrome 9, which will include 3D graphics with the WebGL interface.