Child beauty pageants gain popularity in the UK


UK Today News: With child beauty pageants gaining popularity in the UK, the trend is slowly spreading to several other European countries. The first Miss Mini competition was held earlier this year in the UK, following it’s growing presence in the US.

Reports state that children aged as young as four, participate in the beauty contest, and these children — very enthusiastically — get dressed up as beauty queens and walk down the ramp.

However, such competitions have raised questions among some parents and critics as to whether children are being exploited or forced to grow up too soon. On the other hand, some are also of the opinion that it is a good way to develop a child’s personality at a young age.

The North Carolina state competition, which was held in the rural town of Hickory, had given rare access to Alfonso Daniels from Outlook. Sources have tagged it as one of the most important child beauty contests of the US.