30 year old MI6 workers body found decomposed at his residence


UK Today News: A 30 year old man who worked for the MI6, which deals with foreign espionage, was found dead by the police on 23rd August at his residence in Pimlico, Central London. Gareth William’s body was found in a decomposed state in a zipped and padlocked holdall bag.

According to the detectives, after checking his phones, William had accessed websites relating to bondage a few times. He had also visited a drag cabaret and also had tickets for two other shows just before 10 days his body was found.

Gareth’s death remains suspicious and unexplained, and enquiries into the circumstances continue,” said Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Sebire. According to media reports the detective was convinced that Williams was helped by some one to put him in the bag.

The police found no signs of any struggle or forced entry in the flat and the toxicology tests have also revealed that no traces of alcohol or poison has been found in William’s body.