Flu cases in the UK increase up to 45% as temperatures drop lower


UK Today News: The cold winter in the UK has increased the cases of flu in the past week. According to Royal College of General Practitioners, the number of flu cases has jumped to 44.9 %, and this could be attributed to the freezing temperatures making it’s way across the UK.

Reports state that flu cases in England have reached 124.4 per 100,00 people, by the end of the week on 26th December. The figures were compared to 85.5 per 100,00 cases in the previous week.

A spokesman of the Health Department said, “These figures are in keeping with what we would expect during a winter flu season. But everyone can do their bit to help keep well – simple measures like washing your hands help stop flu spreading.”

The RCGP also said that there was an increase by 50% in the influenza-like illness. The increase of the illness has been seen in the age group of 45-65. The infection experts have also said that the number of the flu cases is increasing and may peak this week or in the next week.