Children happier in online lives than real ones?


UK Today News: A survey in the UK has revealed that children are happier in their online lives than their real lives. They can portray themselves as anyone and if they are not enjoying it, they always have the option to quit.

According to a study, one out of eight young people are in contact with a stranger online and that they also lie about their identity and appearance. A survey in the UK, which analyzed online activities of children between 11 to 18 years, said that 45 percent of them are happier in their online lives.

A child who participated in the study said that she felt it was easier to be who you want to be, because no one knows the real you and there is always an option to quit when you feel like. Researchers have warned that such an exposure is dangerous for the children.

It is thus important to make the children, parents and professionals to realize the importance of internet safety guidelines, as it all it takes is a mouse click to enter forbidden sites, and kept trapped in a web of unhealthy activities.