Nanotechnology to improvise battery life by months?


UK Today News: A group of electrical and computer engineers in Illinois University have come up with a technology that can last batteries for months without charging. With the help of nanotubes which are 10,000 times smaller than a human hair, the team have made batteries which can last for months.

The metal wiring in the mobile devices have been replaced by the nano tubes, which can extend the battery life by up to 100 times. The researchers believe that the new technology can also be used for larger devices than mobile phones and laptops.

Eric Pop of the Beckman Institute of for Advanced Science and Technology hopes that the technology can be used for all the devices that depend on batteries like, telecommunication equipments, satellites or any scientific and military applications and every possible device.

The researchers have just stepped in to improvise the battery life, and hope to improve the power consumption 1000 times more efficient. The launch of this technology will be a great relief to thousands of people across the globe who will not have to worry about the charge of their cellphones.