Top 10 British singers in the world


UK Today News: Great Britain has a treasure of singers who are quite popular around the world. The artists in the UK have managed to rock the world with the magic of their tunes. Considered as a direct rival to American music, British music comes with their own sense of style and fashion – not forgetting melodies. With so many British singers currently in the world, who are the top 10 current artists in Britain?

We have just the list for you. Based on popularity, music awards won and success, here are the current top 10 British artists in the world.

1. Coldplay – Coldplay was one of the few bands in Britain, who came into existence ten years back, and were inspired by Radiohead’s album ‘The Bends’. The band become the first UK group of the new millennium to get the No.1 position for the track ‘Viva La Vida’.

2. Radio Head – Radiohead was the band which had received the maximum love of the critics in the past 15 years. The band never hesitated to experiment and released ‘Kid A’ in 2000, which was the weirdest album to top the US album charts.

3. Leona Lewis – Leona Lewis was generated by the show “X Factor” and was the only winner on the show who managed to make a global impact. Leona also became the first female solo artist to have a Billboard No.1 single in 20 years. “Bleeding Love” is the track that took her up the ladder of success.

4. Natasha Bedingfield – Natasha managed to charm American listeners with her blue eyes , when there wasn’t any hope for the singer, as her brother Daniel shot to fame at America’s one hit wonder bin in 2002. Her hit track ‘Unwritten’ later became the theme song for MTV’s reality show ‘The Hills’.

5. Amy Winehouse – Amy shot to fame in the music industry in the US, more due to the scandals behind her. The singer is known for her song ‘Rehab’ and is also the winner of five Grammys.

6. Jay Sean – Jay Sean, initially not so popular in the UK, had topped the Billboard Hot 100 with the track ‘Down’. The Indian origin artist has collaborated with rapper Lil Wayne.

7. KT Tunstall – The Scottish singer and songwriter started off in the nineties. The singer is known for her husky, drenched and country voice and her music has been used in several dance shows and movies.

8. Adele – The 19 year-old singer did not have a kick starting career, but in 2008, the singer won a Grammy in the “Best new artist” category. This year, the singer has been invited to be a part of the VH1’s Divas concert, which also features Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus.

9. M.I.A. – A Britisher with a Sri Lankan origin, with her debut album became the critic’s favorite in 2005. The rapper and producer’s song ‘Paper Planes’ was featured in ‘Pineapple Express’, due to which she had achieved her first Billboard Top five hit.

10. Duffy – The singer of Welsh origin was known to bring back the 60’s feel to the British charts with the tract ‘Mercy’ in 2008. Songs from her debut album ‘Rockferry’ was featured in several American commercials.