UK records highest births outside marriage in 200 years


UK Today News: If you thought that the most number children born out of wedlock are at an all time low, then think again. A new study has revealed that maximum number of children are born outside marriage today in the UK than any other time in 200 years. According to a research conducted by Centre for Social Justice, earlier the number of couples living together was just 5% before the year 1945.

Critics say that the sanctity of marriage seems to has diminished in the 21st century, with the new level of independence experienced by youngsters nowadays.

But the figures have increased to a whopping 90%. The number of births outside marriage, had gradually started increasing after the year 1960.

The figures started increasing from more than 10% in the 70s to 30% in the 90s. The authors of the report, Dr. Samantha Callan and Professor Rebecca Probert have argued that the facts are not a result of the fact that the number of couples living sans marriage has increased in the 20th century.

The authors had also said that only 1% to 3% of couples in the 1950s and 1960s had lived together before marriage. The study has also revealed that in the early 20th century, very few women had sex with their fiancés, so that they could be ahead of the wedding day. However, Prof Probert and Dr Callan had concluded the argument saying that they do not intend to tell that marriages in the past were successful and long lasting and they did not even suggest that successful marriages do not exist anymore.