David Beckham and Victoria surprise sister Joanne in London


UK Today News: British soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham showed up to celebrate the birthday of David’s sister Joanne on December 28, 2011. The family celebrated Joanne’s 30th birthday at Fitzrovia restaurant as a special birthday treat.

The couple’s four children Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz and baby Harper were not present at the celebration, but the moment was also joined by David’s elder sister Lynne, other family members and close friends. Te family also arranged a family shot at the restaurant Roka in Central London, where the star couple did not appear in the limelight.

Victoria posed between two of Joanne’s friends, while Beckham was seen posing with the birthday girl and also behind his other sister Lynne. Throughout the party, David was seen having fun as he held the two of his fingers above the head of her head in the shot.

The footballer also posted the family picture on his Facebook account and wrote, ‘Merry Xmas everyone….just at my little sister Jo’s birthday party tonight.’ It was also clear that Joanne was delighted by the efforts made by her brother to surprise her before he goes back to the States. Joanne mentioned about her joy on her Twitter account and appreciated the presence of her family members.