Kelly Brook regrets stripping at the age of 16


UK Today News: British model actress and TV presenter Kelly Brook recently confessed that she regrets posing topless as a teenager. At the age of 16, the model stripped for a tabloid newspaper and then continued to do a number of racy shoots.

Some of her racy shoots also included posing naked for Exhibition magazine last year. Kelly might be comfortable posing undressed, but  now says that she regrets posing topless when she was barely legal.

While talking to Now Magazine, the bombshell said that she looks back at the time when she posed nude and thinks that there is something about it that she felt she was young. Brook also said that she did not feel the same way at that time but did not do it for a long time.

Recently, Kelly stripped for launching her new range of underwear for New Look. The model said that she has the whole collection she has designed for New Look too and added that they are comfortable to wear and looks super sexy. While talking about the secret of her figure, the 32 year old revealed that she walks a lot and also indulges in plenty of love making which is a great cardio workout. Kelly also said that she wasn’t in any hurry to get pregnant in 2012.