Leaked iPhone 5 images show smaller battery


While there are still speculations going on about the upcoming iPhone 5 handset by Apple, more leaked images of the upcoming phone have hit the internet. The images are reportedly of the battery of the upcoming phone and if they are to be believed then the battery is relatively smaller and the phone could even face problems for battery life if the new iPhone has LTE.

The battery capacity has been increased from 1430 mAh to 1440 mAh. This is relatively a small upgrade but is ok in terms of iPhone 4 to 4S which is 1420 to 1430. But there are still hopes as Apple has always assured of great battery life.

The LTE is known to suck out plenty of power from the phones from the batteries on previous iPhones to last for a whole day. There are hopes that it will have a larger, thinner and more efficient screen and therefore will need a bigger body for more battery.

When compared to the Droid Razr Maxx it has a 3300 mAh battery while most of the other phones come in at 1800+. There are also chances that the upcoming iPhone might be highly efficient due to which the battery life might not even matter .