Amazon launches MP3 store for iPhone and iPod users


Online retailing giant has recently launched the mobile version of its  MP3 store for iPhone  and iPod  Touch. The new store will allow the users a way to buy  songs from the online retailer with their devices.


The new store by Amazon is  a Web application which means that  the Apple device users can access can access it through  the Safari Browser.  Instead of building a Web app, the users have to download it from the Apple App Store. Moreover, the online retailer does not have to give apple the usual 30%cut  the developers pay  the Cupertino company.

Now the iPhone and the iPod users can access he huge catalogue  of Amazon  for music and it will also feature personalized recommendations.  The buyers can go for deals like        $5 for an album d songs for $0.69. The best part is that they can purchase the music and then use it anywhere.

The catalogue has about 22 million songs and  the users who buy it from the Amazon MP3 store can play it immediately in the Amazon Cloud layer app.  The songs can also be added to the  iTunes  music library  by accessing the Amazon loud Player  with a computer.  The songs can  be selected and downloaded.