Google demands UK privacy case to be tried abroad


Search engine giant Google is trying its best to stop a lawsuit – which claims that it illegally tracked internet users – from being heard in the UK. Many UK users of Apple’s Safari web browser have claimed that Google bypassed a privacy setting without letting them know about it.


Recent media reports have said that lawyers of the US search engine have filed papers with the High Court which mentioned that any information gathered from its search engine was not private or confidential. Meanwhile, Google refused to comment on the issue. At the moment, the case is in its early stages and lawyers are yet to appear in the court in order to present their respective arguments.

However, the search engine has already been fined by the US trade watchdog for disregarding Safari security settings. Claimants from the UK launched a campaign earlier in 2013 and argued that between summer 2011 and spring 2012, Google assured them that their online activity was not being tracked in any way and that Safari’s settings were secure.

Safari has a setting which blocks the cookie software which is used by internet companies in order to track their customers’ behavior. A British judge will rule on the issue in October 2013.

Photo Credits: BBC