Nvidia introduces next-gen mobile processor Tegra K1


Mobile processor manufacturing giant Nvidia launched the next generation Nvidia K1, which is a mobile processor with 192 graphics cores. The company’s chief executive Jen Hsun Huang positioned the latest product as a mobile game console.


A version of the chip with traditional 32-bit ‘4+1’ ARM cores – such as Tegra 4 – will be available, as well as a version with a dual-core 64-bit ‘Denver’ CPU, which is the ARM chip introduced back in 2011 by Nvidia. In addition to that, a third option will be available for cars. ‘Project Shield’, which is a handheld gaming device based on the company’s Tegra 4 mobile chip had its debut in 2012. Project Shield works as a mobile game console which can compete with the PlayStation Vita, as well as Android gaming tablets.

It will also work as a device which can stream games from personal computers, powered by Nvidia GeForce hardware. The company also released its GeForce Experience, which is a software application that is able to directly optimize the settings of PC games in order to maximize their performance while running on Nvidia hardware.

The company is working on creating an ecosystem similar to the ones of Intel and AMD, with offerings which stretch from the embedded space on up to the server.

Photo Credits: BGR