Brits to enjoy cheaper Easter holidays as prices go down in 2014


There is good news ahead for people in the UK who are planning to travel abroad during Easter 2014, as some destinations will be 25% cheaper than in 2013. Even families who are planning to go further can enjoy much higher savings as the cost of holidays fell by a quarter in the past 12 months.


On the other hand, holidaymakers who are planning to visit destinations like Amsterdam, Channel Islands and Canary Islands might find them expensive. When it comes to Disneyland Paris for Easter 2014, prices there have also fallen over the past year. Moreover, travel booking sites have been focusing on Cape Town as a destination with good value.

During the Easter week, a stay in a four-star hotel will cost £640 per person. A number of other places where money spending will increase include Marrakech in Morocco, Dubai and Paris. The managing director of, Andy Washington said, “Some of the best deals are to be found further afield, although Disneyland Paris in particular is more than 15 per cent cheaper this year than last.”

If food, accommodation and spending money is taken into account for a holiday, the research has suggested that on average, holiday costs in specific locations have increased by 0.1 percent compared to 2013.

Photo Credits: Standard