Early music revivalist Christopher Hogwood dies at 73


English conductor Christopher Hogwood passes away at age 73.

British conductor and early music revivalist Christopher Hogwood  has died at his Cambridge home after months of illness on September 24, 2014. The 73-year-old had worked with many leading orchestras world wide and was considered one of the most influential supporter of the early music movement.

christopher Hogwood early music revival

The early music movement was more established in the 20th century when people re-found the intrigue behind the idea of performing early music with more ‘authenticity’. This is when a performance practice was adopted to breathe more life into pre-baroque, baroque and classical-era music.

Hogwood founded the Academy of Ancient Music in 1973, with whom he recoded 200 symphonies, including Mozart’s  first complete cycle of symphonies on period instruments. In 1986, he joined one of America’s oldest continuously performing arts organizations, Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society, re-establishing it as a performance ensemble well versed with history.

It was in 2001 when Hogwood was named conductor laureate led, right about the time of his stint at Handel and Haydn. He was also the music director, and later, principal guest conductor of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, among his many other positions in the US, Europe and Australia.

Photo Credits: Promfih.com