Artificial intelligence computer Amelia might take your job


IPSoft’s new artificial intelligence computer Amelia might take your job.

A new artificial intelligent computer Amelia can read, understand and follow instructions. The computer, that was announced by IPSoft, is a cause for some worry for low-level workers, who believe ‘Amelia’ will replace them in the future.

IPSoft claims that the computer is the answer to the question that Alan Turing had posed in 1950 – “can machines think?” The new machine learns from transcripts of conversations, textbooks, email chains and any other form of text that is possible.


IPSoft’s new artificial intelligence computer is different from other artificial intelligence devices in a way that it attempts to comprehend how people think, instead of copying the means by which humans do a task. This is where Amelia is different from IBM’s Watson – who is famous for beating the two all-time greatest Jeopardy champions.

Talking about how Amelia is different from Watson, IPSoft CEO Chetan Dube said, “Amelia, on the other hand, started out not with the intention of winning Jeopardy, but with the pure intention of answering the question posed by Alan Turing in 1950 – can machines think?”

Amelia had been kept away for the public eye in a facility privately owned by an IT services called IPSoft. The company had been working on this technology for the last 15 years and Amelia gets her name from American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.

Amelia can interact with humans just like other humans would, in up to 20 languages. When answering questions, Amelia gets 9/10 answers right. Various industries have already begun testing Amelia.

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