Self healing potholes may be a reality


Scientists in the UK are working on self healing potholes.

Potholes on the roads may as well just be the least of one’s worries. A new groundbreaking material that is being experimented with by British scientists might be able to heal itself. The material will be able to mend gaps in the concrete through special bacteria that will act on it. The research for this is being carried out by researchers at the University of Bath, Cardiff University and University of Cambridge.

Potholes in UK

They are using a unique blend of concrete, which has several tiny bacteria encapsulated within the material. As soon as water seeps into the concrete, the bacteria break out of their shells and begin producing limestone. Through this method, the chances of a pothole forming are very less since the bacteria nip the problem in the bud.

There are several things that would change, if this was to occur in reality. Carbon dioxide levels in the world would reduce since there would be no need repeatedly repair roads. There are several motorists that are injured or die due to cracks in road. In 2013, there were at least 40,000 drivers in the UK that sought compensation from the council for the damages that were caused due to potholes.

There are also other uses of this concrete. If buildings are made with this material, their life will increase greatly.

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