Ban on smoking in public likely to be levied in UK


Former Health Minister Lord Darzi has said that a public ban on smoking must be applied in parts of UK. The leading surgeon added that a ban would also help to denormalise smoking and will also lead to a fewer people using cigarettes. Lord Darzi also argued that it will also deter the younger crowd to take up smoking.


The mention and call has been made in an article which has been co-written by Darzi in the BMJ medical journal with Oliver Keown, who is a clinical adviser at the Imperial College London. The writers have argued that if the ban is implemented to protect the children and young people, then it will only have a positive effect on the health of the population. AN example was also quoted of New York where the ban was implemented in 2011.

The ban was implemented on beaches, parks and public places. Prof. John Britton of the tobacco advisory group agreed with the opinion and said that smoke free legislation to the parks could prevent passive smoking in children and even the younger crowd can prevent.

On the other hand there are groups which have dismissed the need for the smoking ban and said that it is not based on any evidence and that such a step can only create a world for the puritans to inhabit.

Photo Credits: The conversation