Nvidia develops super computer PX 2 for self-driving cars


American computer manufacturer Nvidia has come up with a new super computer for cars known as the Drive PX 2 for the self driving cars. If the new device from the company works as promised then it is expected that the future self driving cars will be bright and trouble free.

PX 2

The Drive PX 2 is a water-cooled computer that was introduced at the CES on January 4, 2016 and is expected to be fitted in to the self driving cars that will help to better recognize the lanes, signs and objects. The computer is a fast processor that helps to process images that the vehicles can use to analyse on-road situations and take actions.
For instance the Nvidia computer will help the self-driving cars to slow down by identifying the traffic lights and speed limit signs. Moreover, the cars with the help of the water-cooled computers will be able to recognize vehicle types bicycles and other objects on the road.
Apart from recognizing objects the computer can also train the car for location and contextual awareness. So the cars in due time will become experts while dealing in different situations in different locations. For now the focus of the PX 2 is to identify objects but the company wants the cars to also recognize the circumstances.

Photo Credits: anandtech