Supermarket panic buying wave returns to UK


The stores in the United Kingdom continue to remain open and the government has constantly assured that there is enough for everyone . But still some shoppers appear to be panic buying and this was a trend that was seen during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. The situation of panic buying has been seen again after the United Kingdom is facing a new wave of the coronavirus infections.

A number of social media users are sharing pictures from the stores that have shown empty shelves where the toilet rolls, bread, meat and vegetables once used to be. This is happening despite the assurance from the stores and the government that there is no shortage of stock. The situation of panic buying is happening as England is preparing for the second wave of a strict lockdown from November 5, 2020 which means all the non-essential shops in the country will remain closed. But the garden centres, supermarkets and food shops will continue to remain open while providing essential goods and services to the people.

The strict lockdown will continue till December 2, 2020 and the government has hopes that it would be able to introduce a local tier system in terms of restrictions. One of the shoppers who was shopping at a supermarket at Lidl in Burgess Hill, West Sussex shared her experience while shopping Monday and said that the store did not seem that busy like it was during the first lockdown, but looking at the empty shelves, other shoppers also felt the urge to buy extra items.

As per eye witnesses, one of the person was seen buying 30 bottles of water of two litres each while a lady was seen buying 10 packets of pasta and a few sauces. During the March lockdown, a number of supermarkets had introduced limits on purchase of some of the essential items to deal with the problem of stockpiling. So the users could not walk away out of the store with the entire stock of toilet paper.

Photo Credits: Pixabay