Apple iPhone 4G Device Revealed – Leaked Pictures?


Apple will reportedly be releasing the new iPhone 4G / HD this summer and reports  say that the date of its release is set at June 22nd – as part of Apple’s WWDC 2010.

However, reports reveal that a device that looks much like the Apple iPhone was found on the floor of a San Jose bar, and that this could possibly be Apple’s iPhone 4G phone.

This report was revealed by tech site Engadget, and it has many pictures of the alleged Apple iPhone 4G phone, which was found inside of an iPhone 3G case. This mystery device has black and chrome trims with the signature Apple lettering on the back.

This device has some of the familiar iPhone features, like a home button, a small rectangular ear piece, and it looks a little taller and thicker. The reports states that it has a forward facing camera, 80GB of storage, and had a very different version of the iPhone OS running on it.

However, if this is real or not is still something that needs to verified.