Arizona Immigration Law Update – Two Lawsuits Threaten Arizona’s New Immigration Law


UK Today News: Arizona Immigration Law Update – Two Lawsuits Threaten Arizona’s New Immigration Law

A police officer and a group of Latinos are some of the first people to challenge the new Arizona Immigration Law.

Arizona Immigration law

Reports say that the first person to challenge the law is a fifteen year veteran police officer by the name of Martin Escobar, who states that there is no way a police officer can ask for a person’s immigration status until and unless there is a concrete evidence against him. The second challengers are a group of Latino Clergies who are seeking injunction against the law.

Besides this, there are also other Hispanic groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican American Legal Defense who plan on stalling the new law. Reports also say that a certain group has filled papers to launch a referendum drive that could put the law on hold till 2012.

The new Arizona Immigration law sparked the interest of conservative groups who want to come up with a similar type of law in other states like Oklahoma, Minnesota and Colorado.

Not only are the politicians in the race to solve this problem, but even Colombian singer Shakira has plans to visit Arizona’s police department in relation to her opposition of the Arizona law, saying the law will promote racial discrimination.


  1. “…the law intrudes on the federal role in regulating immigration.”
    Translation: We know the Fed Gov has done nothing of consequence, is doing nothing of consequence, and isn’t likely to do anything substantial about millions of ILLEGALS that are here now – much less stop more ILLEGALS from coming into this country. Do you suppose those who are initiating these law suits will propose a stop to ILLEGAL immigration? Will they provide reasonable explanations for how the US will support the economics of ILLEGALs in this country? This is NOT about RACE (that’s for you La Raza, left wingers and the MSM main sewer media). It’s about being in the US ILLEGALLY!

    Gallup poll:
    More Americans Favor Than Oppose Arizona Immigration Law
    Among those who have heard of law, 51% favor and 39% oppose it

    Join all of America in posting a web list of those who are boycotting AZ. Then all of AMERICA can boycott every city, company, or organization on the list.