Chelsea Handlers sextape turns out to be a joke


UK Today News: Chelsea Handlers sextape turns out to be a joke

The Chelsea sextape is now one of the most searched items on the internet and is gaining a lot of popularity, ever since a magazine told about its existence. And to be right to the point, it’s not a rare instance where anything like this surfaces in the news, most of the netizens clog the net to just have a look.

chelsea handler

Chelsea’s tape is not an ordinary tape and cannot be considered as the one that are available on the internet, but this tape had a special purpose, it was suppose to be sent to an audition that too for a comedy club………?

Well as to make things more revealing the tape was shot by her a decade back when she was just coming into the limelight and was in the intention to send it for an audition to a comedy club.

Well on the talk show the comedienne claimed to say that the whole sex tape thing was just meant to be a mere joke and there is no authenticity to it. The tape shows her totally naked with a man with a strong British accent.